About KU-AAP

Kasetsart University African-Asia Programme (KU-AAP) is the first programme in
Thailand and Southeast Asia to offer a unique Southeast Asian perspective for a
new mode of South-South Academic collaboration acting as an open space for
initiatives to understand the place of Africa-Asia connections with the world. It
operates under the Faculty of Social Sciences, Kasetsart University.


  • To act as a hub to promote interdisciplinary and comparative research, education, and community-focused activities with and in Africa and Asia.
  • To promote collaborative intellectual exchanges of the Global South.
  • To act as an innovative space for alternative pedagogies and methodologies and explore new approaches that integrate humanistic social sciences with the sciences of nature.
  • To act as a state-of-the-art knowledge hub for the public and a platform to share its initiatives with universities, the private sector, government agencies, and NGOs in Thailand, Asia, Africa, and beyond.