Victoria Falls: The Majestic Water Curtains in Africa

25 07 2021

Victoria Falls, one of the nature wonders of Africa, are in Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls National Park. They lie on the Zambezi River, which lies between Zimbabwe and Zambia. The falls are 1,708 metres wide and are situated 915 metres above sea level. The locals call these falls Mosi-oa-Tunya, which means The Smoke That Thunders. The first European recorded to have viewed the falls was David Livingstone, who named them in honour of Queen Victoria of England.

Apart from the size that mesmerises tourists from all over the world, another exciting sight is the mist from the falls. The mist creates curtains, and once the sun shines through them, rainbows will appear alongside the thunderous sounds of the waterfalls. It is no wonder why the locals call these waterfalls The Smoke That Thunders. Victoria Falls are also habitat to vulnerable bird species like the Taita falcon, as well as the black eagle, peregrine falcon, and augur buzzard. In 1989, Victoria Falls was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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